ok so this boudoir thing. i promise it’s not scary! i know it can seem intimidating, but trust me, you don’t have to turn into a completely different person to have intimate photos taken. in fact, i highly recommend against that. my goal in shooting your boudoir session is to make you feel as beautiful as you are! no matter what size or shape. so, below is an example of one of my favorite sessions mostly because she’s wearing her pajamas with socks (i mean, next time i take boudoir photos, i’m definitely rocking some pj’s). but because she’s so comfortable, she felt at ease in front of the camera, and in turn, the photos represent her true self — gorgeous, inside and out! one of my favorite quotes about art is this, “the aim of art is to represent no the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance” – aristotle. and that’s my goal in taking your photos! so if you’re in doubt about these boudoir sessions, just scroll down and see for yourself (you do you… and rock the pi’s!).

• • •

canon 5d | 35 mm