it all starts with a photo (which is one of the many reasons i love my job – i get to work with so many mediums)! the gordon family hired me to photograph their two girls, meya and ananda, with the idea of transforming the photographs into large scale oil portraits. oil paint is one of my favorite mediums, and faces are one of my favorite subject matters (those of you who know me and my even me project would say “no doubt!”), so this project had me all googley-eyed and happy! the oil paintings are each 5 x 6 feet and took about 6 months to paint. i’m pretty sure “stuff you should know” podcast got me through the tedious parts of the job (who uses a 1/4 inch thick paint brush on a 6 foot painting? someone crazy). the walnut frames are built by brandy holland and, in my opinion, complete the paintings. i am a HUGE fan of where the paintings are hung: in a modern, west elm-ish, art-lover’s home in st. augustine. i hope you enjoy the photos (and paintings), and please contact me if you’re interested in a project like this!