all about today homeschool poster

October 27, 2020

the first thing i did when we figured out we were homeschooling (after the boring stuff, like researching curriculum. kidding. i’m kidding.) was shopping for educational posters! i’m a firm believer in minimal aesthetics in general, but especially in the classroom setting. my son’s first experience in education was at a montessori school, and touring his classroom always brought a smile to my face because it was minimal, simple, the posters that were allowed to hang on the wall were hung at the child’s eye level, and the all-around feel was calm. i love that. the focus was not what’s on the walls, but what’s in front of the child.

so these calm-feeling-posters do not exist on the interwebs. every “all about today” poster not only looked like it had thrown up primary colors, but also had high-ish price points, which was not super exciting. i mean, honestly, purchasing one of those felt like purchasing a vacuum or oil change—something you have to buy but don’t want to spend your money on.

soon after the classroom shopping research abruptly ended, za found me standing over the kitchen counter pouring tea over white poster board, illustrating the four seasons, measuring, writing months and days with the correct capitalization (unlike my blog where every letter is equally important), and biking over to his parent’s house to laminate the cut outs. i was desperate to make my calm, ideal classroom poster work, even if it meant me making it from scratch.

i’m not saying it was perfect, but it did the trick.

we begin each school day at the kitchen table. we sing songs about the days of the week, glance out the window to check the weather, and learn about the month and date. to be honest, it’s kept me on track—all my checks have been dated correctly since this routine has begun, and that’s rare for this lady.

the best part about it, to me, (besides the fact that it’s a great learning tool) is that this poster is a beautiful addition to our school room, dining room, kitchen, music room, and living room—because we can see it from each of those rooms…since they’re all one. but the point is, it’s not loud, demanding our attention, but rather, a sweet, inviting, learning tool that’s ready for us when we want to use it. it’s calm. it’s simple.

no matter what educational journey you’re on this year, the “all about today” poster is a great way for your early learners to start their day. and it’s now available here.